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The following is an exerpt from Connie's book "Angels, Guides, Ancestors" (copyright Connie Dohan).

Appendix Two – Intuition

Our brain has two hemispheres – the right and the left.  The left side is responsible for logical thinking, reasoning, concrete ideas and the like.  The right hemisphere houses our artistic, creative abilities and our intuition.

The single biggest and best thing you can do to become “intuitive or psychic” is so easy that the majority of people just do not do it. 

Creativity is the “Rosetta stone” between you and the unseen world.  The very best thing you can do to improve your psychic ability is to do anything creative – sing in the shower, draw, and macramé, sew, play musical instruments, garden or landscape, do woodworking, etc. Whatever you can think of that is creative, just DO IT.

This will not cause you to see auras and visions or hear voices instantly, but it will prepare you so that you can.  Any creative activity stimulates the right side of the brain, and the more stimulation, the better you become.  Remember how repeating multiplication tables over and over helped your left side of the brain to think logically and calculate quickly – same principle, but for the other side, the creative aspect, of the brain.

Spend a week getting your right hemisphere “ready for school”. Exercise your creativity daily for at least half an hour.  If you do not have space or time to set up the easel, simple doodling will do, sing in the shower, or write a poem instead of a book.  But do something.

Strengthening / stimulating the right hand side of your brain allows your intuitive / psychic abilities to become apparent to you and to become a part of your everyday functioning. 

Another great way to do this is by looking at optical illusions.  These confuse the left side of the brain, because some of them (continuous staircases, for example) are not logical.  The left side of the brain rejects such images, but the right side takes over.  Go to the library and get a book of optical illusions or “Google” the term.  Spend just a few minutes a day viewing them and stimulating your brain’s right side.

Here are some simple things you can also do.  You may already be doing some of them not realizing that they are good for you.

1. Make changes to your day and your routines.  The logical left hand side of the brain does not understand this and is at a loss about how to process these changes.  Change can be small, such as:
- Take a different route to work
- Sit in a different place than usual at church, home or school.
- If you normally frequent a specific restaurant, try different one.
- If you have a regular teacup or coffee mug, use another one a for day
- If you always paint your toes red – try burgundy
Any small change will cause the left hemisphere of your brain to become caught off guard and confused, thereby strengthening the right hemisphere

2.  When the phone rings - without checking caller ID – ask yourself “Who is it?”  When knowing who is calling becomes easy, ask the next question - Who is it and what color shirt / top is s/he wearing?

3.  At ATMs or super markets, pick what will be the fastest line (while you are still at the back or out of sight of the line-ups) and go through the line you pick.  When you get to the line-up, notice who is at the back of each line and see if you get through faster.  The line you pick may not necessarily be the shortest line as the cashier may run out of tape, have a difficult customer or just be slow or chatty.

4.  When approach a bank of elevators and figure out which one will come first.  If you are wrong, take the stairs.

5.  Have a friend put change adding up to $1 in their pocket and you say how it is made up – number of dimes, pennies, etc.  When you get good at this, have s/he put some amount of money, and you need to determine both the total and the break-out.

6.  Get a regular deck of playing cards and with the cards face down, sense whether the top card is red or black.  This can be a two-step process, starting with only Aces to 10s (as the face cards have multiple colors in each card).  You may wish first to sort the cards into piles by colors, red and black, and turn them face down to run your hands or eyes over them in order to pick up any differences between the two piles / colors.  Then, shuffle the two piles together, spread them out face down and sense whether a card is red or black.  When you get good at this, insert the face cards.  Then progress to determining which suit the red or black card is, and, if brave enough, even to numbers (or ranges of numbers).

7.  When riding an elevator, if someone else gets on, determine which button they are going to press (without asking them).

8.  Before starting your day, write a list of the people with whom you will have significant contact.  Clear your mind.  Do not rely on logic.  Before arriving at the work place, determine what color shirt (or tie) your boss is wearing.

9.  Guess how many pieces of mail are in your mail box.  Then break it down to bills, ads, junk, coupons, cards, and personal letters.

10.  Using a piece of chalk, mark the twelve o’clock position on your car or truck tire.  When you arrive at your destination, guess what position the mark is in before getting out of your vehicle.

11. In a line up at the movie theatre, determine which movie the person in front of you has chosen to see.

Come up with other “games” / stimulations for the right side of your brain.  You will notice the difference in your psychic / spiritual life.


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