Welcome to a Place of Light, Hope & Illuminated Answers


I believe our meeting is not an accident, but rather you have been divinely sent to this place, at this time, for a divine purpose.


On this site you will find excellent in all things energetic (Reiki and beyone) and psychic (development).  You will also find assistance in discovering and attaining your life's purpose and soul's calling.


I am experienced in the "old ways", as well as the ways of 2018 and beyond.  You will find illuminated answers to your questions.


This site is a safe and exciting place to learn, experience, and grow.  This site is filled with exciting courses to take, things to do and things to buy. All of these I have discovered as part of my healing journey.


My prayer is that as you spend time on this site you will find the strength, the hope, and the light to cope with whatever curve life has thrown your way.




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                      What We Offer

We have expert teachers in all things metaphysical and energy healing.  You may take classes for fun or for credit.  Teaching may be live or remote with recording (via Zoom web sharing) 

Your journey to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being and balance begins in your energy field. Is your energy field keeping you down?

BEYOND REIKI is an easy to learn technique  that blends seamlessly with ANY energy healing modality.   It is easy to learn , new, cutting edge & revolutionary - helping you find and follow your life's path and soul's purpose.  Comes as a recorded class (with pdf notes), ready for you to pick up and learn on your own at any time.

Snippets of inspiration for those needing guidance or encouragement.   Words from Spirit, a touch of heaven, to help you through your hour or your day.

Experience the vibration effects of Himalayan singing bowls. Vibrational sound healing may be the key that you are missing for your well-being. Sessions offer the benefits of relaxation, as well as enabling you to connect with your higher self.

Let cards, angels, runes, stones, intuitive readings give you help along your way. Live or distant. Private or groups sessions available.

Classes, meetings, support to heighten your abilities and guide you along your highest and best path to attain your soul's calling.  Exciting, illuminating, outside the box

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We've walked the walk and bring credentials and experience to your situation.  Read about them.

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