Bio - Connie Dohan

I have been a light worker, energy healer and metaphysician for over 25 years.



I’m primarily an intuit and a seer but have augmented this with many official certificates along the way.  Some of my certificates include:


Power Reiki Master

Practical Reiki Master/ Instructor

Isui Reiki Master

Hawaiian Huna Reiki Master

Little Hands Reiki Master

Munay-Ki Mentor

Realm Reader



Not to forget:

Quantum Touch Instructor

Chios Certified Master Teacher

Matrix Practitioner

Marconics Practitioner

Certified Crystal Healer

Certified Runic Healer

LaShan Method Practitioner

Accessing the Bars (access consciousness)

Color of Angels Master

Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist (singing bowls and tuning forks)

Full Spectrum Spirit Method.


I’ve also received awards for my work with angels as well as the aura-chakra system.  In my spare time I’ve authored 22+ books-many found on Amazon.  After graduation as a registered nurse, l took the path less traveled and what a trip it’s been!! 


Instead of hospital wards, bedpans and sick people, I found myself as a guest speaker on cruise ships talking about the chakra system.  This took me through Alaska, all of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe.


I’ve traveled all across the USA as speaker/facilitator at small hometown reunions as well as mega Expos with thousands of guests.  I’ve been guest speaker/facilitator at Reiki seminars large and small as well as all the hot spots, like Lilydale.


The school of hard knocks has taught me much from a chronic degenerative disease.  I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's disease in my late twenties.  As well, I raised two children with special challenges.


It is my hope and my prayer that the Divine spark in me will join with the Divine in you so that your burdens become light and your path becomes crystal clear.

Phone: 614 989-4550



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