Beyond Reiki


Whether you practice  Reiki, Chios. Golden Light, Quantam Touch, Color Rays or any of the myriads of other modalities out there,  you can now do so in POWER you never thought possible.


BEYOND REIKI is an easy to learn technique that blends seamlessly with ANY energy healing modality.   It is easy to learn, new, cutting edge and revolutionary.  It allows you to deliver healing energy from the 4th and/or the 5th dimension, - up from the 3D plane you have been operating on up until now.


Using this exciting, revolutionary new technique, you can practice any healing modality in incredible power. Blend it into any healing you do: Reiki, Chios, angel touch, quantum touch,: golden light, rays and the others.


It is suitable for professional use as well as personal use.  You will notice the difference immediately  - so will your clients.


Simple to learn, this technique will bring your healing into the fourth and fifth dimension. Both you and your clients will notice the difference.  


Contact me to become part of the wave of healers of the future.


Available:  In Person (Columbus, OH) or Live Video (Zoom)

Cost:   $50 - includes video recording, link, and class notes (pdf)


Phone: 614 989-4550



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