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  1. In person, 1 on 1, independent study - Columbus, OH  -                        Cost varies by course
  2. Live, web-based video class, interactive, on demand  -                        Cost varies by course
  3. Independent study, pre-taped or self-taught with materials provided  Cost varies by course
  4. Pre-recorded class, including any interaction with students -          Cost varies by course

Energy Healing Intro

Introduction to the World of Energy Healing

Are you confused about the number of energy healing modalities that exist?


Want to become an energy healer but don't know where to start?


This overview class is intented as an introductory class to start you on your energy healing path.  In this sampler class you will experience and learn about many different modalities - general description, mode of operating, pros and cons.  


After taking this class, you will equipped with the tools and information you need to chose the one(s) that best suits your needs.

Power Reiki

For Chronic Pain & Disease

Power Reiki is a technique developed specifically for stubborn or long term problems such as pain, chronic illness, overweight issues.


At AmidAngels we recognize that chronic long term problems have challenges differing from the acute short term curves life can give.  We recognize that the techniques and tools used to mange mild, acute dysfunction are not always adequate.


We specialize in developing techniques for the more resistant problems. 

Power Reiki is one of the tools in this arsenal.


3 levels of instruction

Level 1 - Foundational

Level 2 - Practitioner
Level 3 - Master Teacher


Each level is available live or on-line (virtual classroom)


Chakra System

Auric Body - Component of the Body's Basic Building Blocks

Chakra basics on what chakra are and are not, what they do, and why they are important


Beginner to advanced: Theory and hands-on (interactive) course. Includes working on the rear chakra system. As well, you will learn how to balance your chakras and keep them healthy.



Psychic Learning 101

Find, hone, jumpstart your psychic abilities

Identify your psychic gift and discover how to release it.


Interactive class, including exposure to metaphysical tools including but not limited to pendulum, cards, scrying, and runes.


Approximately 90 min. in length



The Power of Color in Your Life

With Light Rays Reiki you will learn about the healing rays and how to incorporate the power of color and light for specific uses - finances, joy, concentration, creativity and more..


These powerful courses are complete units - no extra purchases, no fine print. The manuals are delivered to you via email as eBooks as part of cost, making the classes even more affordable.


Course dates: Flexible - 2 levels - independent study, electronic materials provided



Answers Waiting for You

The pendulum is the most misunderstood and under utilized metaphysic tool


If you don't have one, come and see how it works to give you answers. If you have a pendulum, bring it along and find out how to make it work effectively for you, how to store it, and new ways to use it.


Approximately 30 min. in length


Chios Healing

Heal the Human Energy Field

Chios Healing is a relatively new yet very comprehensive energy healing system which employs powerful and effective aura and chakra healing techniques, nearly all of which are unique to Chios.


The complete course consists of one book & 3 attunements 

which can be done via live work shops or email.


Each completed level is granted a certificate: 
Chios Level 1 Foundational
Chios Level 2 Practitioner
Chios Master Teacher


Taught by Connie Dohan, CCMT (Certified Chios Master Teacher)

Practical Reiki

No Signs,  No Symbols - Just Power

Would you like to be able to release stress in minutes for your patient or yourself?

Do you want to enrich and super-charge the effectiveness of your work?

Do you feel ready to access the power inside you?


CEUs for Nursing / LMTs

Reiki is an energy healing practice that enhances wellness by encouraging the system towards balance at all levels: body, mind and spirit.
Anyone can learn Reiki, regardless of any previous experience or intuitive ability. It is simple to learn and yours for a lifetime. 

It works in minutes to reduce stress, relieve pain, and has many other benefits as well. You can use Reiki to offer yourself stress reduction immediately any time you need it.

Practical Reiki is simple enough to learn in a day, yet strong enough to make an impact in your work and your own power for healing.

The 4-session course includes:
• Practical Reiki attunements & certification (Level 1 through Master Level)
• Reiki for Nurses & Caregivers Manual
• Complete instruction and hands-on practice opportunities
• Certificate of completion at the end of the cours




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