For over 20 years I have sought out and engaged over 20 different energy workers/healers/shaman from all over the U.S. and they all helped me in some way or another, but I have to say that Connie is the most gifted Healer that I’ve ever encountered…she found and repaired numerous breaks and tears in my energy field that no one else could see (this allowed a lot of uninvited junk to get into my personal space) …her repair work has made a very noticeable difference to my personal comfort and health… I am very grateful for her numerous skills and talent with the human energy body… 
-Sincerely,  Shirley Metts ( Indiana, PA)


"Connie has been my mentor and my coach, as well as a wonderful friend.  She has encouraged me to use my gifts, and she has helped me realize that I have resources yet untapped.  Connie has a flair for teaching and knack for explaining things so that it is easier for someone to understand, learn more, and trust your own intuition. Thank you, Connie...for all you have done. I remain a spiritual work in progress!"
- Jackie (Delaware, OH)


Connie has an amazing grasp of everything metaphysical and holistic.    Most people only specialize in one thing yet Connie seems to have mastered all of it.   Looking forward to each workshop that she does. 
- Dave Scarbrough (Columbus OH)


What a cool and awesome lady, very knowledgeable about many different things. Has helped me with allot and shown me allot. I am so glad to have met you. I'm so sure you have more in store for me as well as others.
- Sammy (Mt. Vernon, OH)


Connie – I’m so glad to have met you.  I’ve learned so much.  Thank you for helping me get ahead spiritually & psychically”. 
- Vanessa S (Mount Vernon, OH)


Thank you so much for the reading. You are very accurate:) Thanks again so much. 
- Dawn Huelskamp (Columbus, OH)


Connie is a giving, patient and gracious teacher and mentor. She has taught me about opening up to receive higher frequencies of energy and intuition, and showed me that so much more is possible than I ever imagined before. Connie's energy healing is strong, and she knows and sees much, and gently guides her students to higher understandings. Her jewelry is also inspired and beautiful. I highly recommend Connie as a spiritual guide, mentor, teacher and friend. 
- Alice Langholt (University Heights, OH)


 Thank you. Very good. It's like you know me. You hit on some things that I never discuss, but feel soooo much. WOW!!!! Again, thanks. 
- Sue Ann Livingston (Columbus, OH)


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