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Who Are You?


From My Essence you were created

Before you were you –

You were ME.


You were created as Power, Magnificence, Splendor.

Everything that I am –You are.

Everything that I have you have.


Why then do you live lives full of despair & lack?

Your road to evolution has led you down a back ward path.

It has led you away from Joy, Success and Abundance.


Turn back onto the Glory road –
Reclaim your life of Power, Joy & Abundance


- Connie Dohan 2018


You Are


I created You.
The Oceans rose up & roared.
The Waves bowed before you.


I created You.
The Thunder clapped.
Its applause boomed across the skies.


I created You
The Wind whistled in appreciation
Of your magnificence.


I created You.
The Gentle Breezes whispered
“Take a closer look – Every detail is perfect.”


I created You.
The Night & Morning Skies broke forth into color & light.
in celebration of your splendor.


I created You.
You are
Magnificent, Sacred, Holy, Powerful
Perfectly equipped for every task ahead of you.

Take your place in the Universe in Power & Glory


- Connie Dohan August 2018



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